Conditions of participation REVA 2017

These are the conditions of participation of REVA2017,
new information will be available in the spring of 2018

REVA2019: 25, 26, 27 April


The REVA management has the right to refuse the registration of exhibited products, if these do not comply with the conditions of participation or if the services or products are not in keeping with the spirit of the exhibition. In the event that, on the afternoon of the fair opening, a stand is not occupied by the standholder with the products for which he has registered, the stand will be assigned to another company. The original standholder may not introduce a claim for indemnification, nor shall he be exempted from his financial commitments as set out in the contract.


Rent for the stand must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. As of 18 April 2017 the organiser is entitled to dispose of any stands that have not been paid for in full. The rental amount will be due nevertheless.
A first time participant who registers before January 1, 2017 immediately has to pay 50% of the rental price. If you register after January 1, 2017 you will have to pay the total invoice.
Options taken on a particular platform are valid for one month in the period before 1 January 2017, and for one week after 1 January 2017, until 24 March 2017, unless stipulated differently by the REVA secretariat. If you register later you can still participate provided that there is still room, but you will have to pay an additional 15% on the subscription price, in order to cover the modification fees.
In the event of cancellation of a reserved stand before 1 January 2017, a sum equal to10% of the rent will be charged as cancellation costs.
In the event of cancellation after 1 January 2017, for any reason whatsoever, the participant shall be charged the full rent, increased with the costs of fitting out the bare stand, plus compensation for services rendered, even if they have not at that point been invoiced.
The management, on the other hand, cannot be held liable for any compensation. In the event of non-payment, default interest will be charged, without any prior notice, in full compliance with the law, at the rate of 10% as of 15 days after the invoice date. If the debtor fails to pay the amount owed within 15 days of the dispatch of a registered letter claiming the amount due, the amount shall be increased by 20%, excluding any legal expenses or interests.

The rents may be increased if prices rise due to new conditions applicable on a national level. However, should this price rise exceed 15%, the participants can annul their participation by registered mail, within 14 days following the publication of the increased prices.


The management of REVA reserves the right to modify the requested stand or plan. At registration a provisional stand will be allocated. Any modification is possible for organisational reasons. The participant will be contacted in order to comply as far as possible with his wishes.


Companies building their own stand are bound by the present rules and regulations. The rented surface should be fully occupied. The walls of the stand should be 2.5 m high, no higher and no lower. Transparent construction profiles on corners are an exception to this, but between the profiles, the walls should not be higher than 2.5 m. If there is a 1 metre gap between your stand wall and your neighbour's wall, you can build a higher structure or advertising billboard, provided it does not bother the neighbouring stand. In the event you wish to build a higher wall, you must get approval from REVA as well as from your nearest neighbours. The walls should cover the whole joint surface with the neighbouring stands and the walls of the hall.

If the construction of the stand does not comply with these conditions, the management of REVA reserves the right to build a standard construction module at the expense of the participant.

Participants should verify the measurements of the stand before starting to set it up. The management of REVA cannot be held responsible for slight differences between the measurements indicated and the actual measurements of the stands.


Subletting or disposing of a stand, fully or partially, in any manner whatsoever, even free of charge, is explicitly prohibited. Exhibitors who want to rent a stand together must report this to the secretariat. They must register individually as exhibitors and shall be charged separately. An exhibitor can only be mentioned separately on the trade fair website and at the fair, and receive promotional material, if the co-exhibitor pays the dossier fee.


Heavy vehicles are not allowed within the fair hall. No entry control is provided during the construction period. The exhibitor himself should provide security for his material during the construction. A security service is provided at night.
Furniture and lighting equipment rented from Artexis will be delivered and installed on the stand on 19 April 2017 at the latest. In order to guarantee free access, it is forbidden to leave material in the halls during the construction period.

During the exhibition no empty packing material shall, under any pretence whatsoever, be stored within the stand. It shall be compulsorily removed by the exhibitors. It is absolutely forbidden to damage the floor, the walls, carpets and stands by using nails, pins, staples, stickers, tape, paint, felt tip pens etc. If damage is ascertained, damages will be claimed from the standholders.
Installation of the wiring may only be carried out by specialists appointed by Artexis. A water supply cannot be provided to all stands. In order to guarantee appropriate decoration, the exhibitor shall appoint a proper decorator.
Each stand shall be illuminated. Failing this the management is entitled to make the necessary changes at the expense of the exhibitor.
Publicity signs should not extend beyond the edges of the boundary walls. Higher advertising panels may be placed in the middle of the stand as long as they do not hinder the other exhibitors.

In the event that the exhibitor wishes to deviate from this rule (especially for hanging signs), he should request permission in advance from the management ( The request should include all the relevant data: measurements, appearance, proposed location of fixture etc.
The management assumes responsibility for cleaning the stands and the aisles between them after completion of the stands and before the fair opens.
In any case, all aisles shall be completely clear by 8.00 on Wednesday, 19 April 2017. If you will be working with subcontractors, you need to return the completed form "Waiver of Right of Recourse" to us. You will find this form in the exhibitors' file (part 9).


For security reasons, a speed limit of 5 km/h is applicable to all vehicles (bicycles, wheelchairs, scooters, etc.) in the hallways of the fair in order to avoid accidents and so as not to scare the deaf or hearing impaired, the blind or visually handicapped.


Exhibitors are legally bound to have the electricity on their stands installed by Artexis, in compliance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the participants' guide. Any electrical installation which does not comply with the "General Rules for Electrical Installations" will be disconnected. All installations will be subjected to an inspection. A charge will be made for any repairs to rented electrical installations. Stand holders shall request the correct electrical capacity, taking into account any hidden devices (such as refrigerators, coffee machines etc.).


Participants are responsible for their stands, for the exhibited products, as well as for any damage caused to the building or the materials belonging to Artexis.

Exhibitors are legally bound to subscribe to the compulsory "nail to nail" insurance concluded by Artexis. Neither Artexis nor REVA will act as co-insurers.
Exhibitors are legally bound to subscribe to the compulsory liability insurance concluded by Artexis. Neither Artexis nor REVA will act as co-insurers.
Exhibitors are legally bound to subscribe to a compulsory industrial injuries insurance for their personnel. The fair's organisers are exempt from any liability, as specified in article 1382 and subsequent articles of the Civil Code. The participants relinquish any claims against Artexis, the organisers of REVA, other participants or visitors to the building for damages of any nature whatsoever, including fire, theft due to partial or total power failure, interruption of the heating or any loss and/or reduction in the value of their property or the property of third parties, to products or fair materials in the building.


The participants guarantee, in their own interest, to appoint a competent authorised representative for their stand during the fair's opening hours. Only the exhibitor’s employees, or the association for non-profit organizations’ members or volunteers can staff the exhibition booth.


It is expressly forbidden for participants:

  1. to distribute advertising leaflets or samples outside their stand;
  2. to engage in any kind of noisy activity, or any other type of activity that might disturb nearby stands, in order to attract customers and make publicity. Any exhibitors who want to organise an activity to attract the public to their stand should obtain prior authorisation from the organisers, in order to avoid causing possible nuisance to other exhibitors. Do not forget to pay any music copyright fees (SABAM).
  3. to put up paintings or advertising slogans or anything else on the interior or exterior walls of the building;
  4. to place objects outside the stand they have rented or to distribute pamphlets, prospectuses or samples outside the stand;
  5. to put any publicity in the car park unless prior approval has been obtained from the organisers.


The sale of drinks and food or the offering of hot meals or cold dishes is prohibited. Exhibitors may, albeit to a limited extent, sell products valued at maximum €100 to visitors at their stands. Prices should therefore be clearly indicated, inclusive of VAT to avoid problems with the VAT inspectorate.


During the opening hours of the fair and the construction and breaking up period, the exhibitor is himself liable for the security of his material. Outside the hours mentioned above the exhibitor cannot keep staff on the premises for the purposes of security. If the exhibitor feels prejudiced by other exhibitors or by third parties, he should introduce a claim for damages against them; he cannot under any circumstances hold the management liable.


Electrical appliances, tools and electrical wiring should be installed according to the usual legal provisions. In the event that lightly inflammable material is used, the participant should take appropriate insurance. Explosives are prohibited.
PVC or inflammable material may not be used for the roofs of the stands.
A certificate verifying that the roofing is fireproof should be made available to Artexis.


Exhibitors should clear the stands completely by Sunday 23 April 2017 at 18.00. Exceptions to this rule should be discussed with Artexis and will be subject to complementary costs for security and storage.

Participants may not remove exhibited products before the fair is closed. During the breaking up period the organiser cannot be held responsible for any damage or the disappearance of decorating materials or products.
All packing material or other waste should be removed from the stand. In the event that exhibitors leave any items behind in the halls after the end of the clearing up period, they will be removed at the expense of the owner. They may be recovered after reimbursement of the expenses incurred.

Any items that are not removed within 60 days of the closure of the fair will become the property of the organisers.


In the event that the fair cannot take place, for economic or political reasons, or force majeure, all registrations will be irrevocably cancelled.
The available funds will be distributed among the exhibitors, after reimbursement of the costs, in proportion to the amounts paid by each exhibitor, without there being any question of an explicit agreement of any kind or for any reason against the management of REVA.
All participants are subject to the provisions of the "Rules" and the "General Rules" of Artexis.

The organiser of REVA reserves the right to make irrevocable decisions in any matters not covered by the present terms and conditions.
The participant undertakes to respect the terms and conditions of REVA's service package. In the event of litigation, the courts in Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction.