Ongoing events

Permanent exhibition of the REVAnueva Award's nominees.
Movies of student projects: presentation of new tools.

Handicap International
Continuous exhibition Scenario 7.3 on Handicap International's activities in Haiti.
Interactive trail with prostheses and information booth.

Continuous films about aids and tools (with subtitles).
Explanation and advice on housing and home modifications.

Demonstrations of different kinds of sports

Thursday 20th of april 2017
10.00 10.45: Schoolprojects wheelchair basketball
11.45 11.30: Schoolprojects wheelchair basketball
11.45 12.30: Schoolprojects wheelchair basketball
12.30 13.00: Wheelchair dance

Friday 21st of april 2017
10.00 10.45: Schoolprojects G-padel
11.45 11.30: G-table tennis
11.45 12.15: Schoolprojects G-padel
12.15 13.00: Boccia
13.30 14.45: G-climbing
15.15 16.00: G-badminton
16.00 16.45: R-tennis

Saterday 22nd of april 2017
10.45 11.00: Wheelchair dance
11.00 11.45: Wheelchair basketball youth players
11.45 12.00: Wheelchair dance
12.00 12.45: Sitting volleyball
12.45 13.00: Wheelchair dance
13.00 13.45: CP-soccer
13.45 15.00: Powerchairhockey
15.00 15.45: Dance for athletes with an intellectual disability
15.45 17.00: G-athletics

Occupational therapist
Get accompanied by an occupational therapist during your visit to the fair, to help you find the right tools and aids.
Appointment at booth V.04 or V.07 (the front of the hall).
Do you want more information? Do you want to subscribe? Click here. (in dutch)

45 short lectures spread over 3 days and 4 auditoriums, across the entrance of REVA (Language of instruction: Dutch).

  • All lectures are for free, but registration is required because the capacity of the hall is limited. (except for the workshop Vlaams Ergotherapeutenverbond)
  • Of course you can visit multiple lectures, see the registration form.
  • Lectures start punctually. In order not to disturb the lecture the doors are closed.
  • If you want a proficiency certificate you can mark this at registration. After the lecture these certificates are (exclusively) available in the auditorium.
  • Of course you can also visit the REVA fair itself. You can apply online for a ticket, or you receive a card when leaving the auditorium.
For the program and to register (Language of instruction: Dutch): click here.