These are the prices of REVA2017,
new information will be available in the spring of 2018

REVA2019: 25, 26, 27 April

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Exhibitors with commercial activities

There are two formulas available as well as special terms large stands.

Site alone
The exhibitor provides the stand, lighting, furniture or hires these from Artexis through the Toolbox.
  • € 96/m² excl. 21% VAT
• admin costs € 170, excl. 21% VAT

  Any preference can be indicated on the registration form. REVA will make a final allocation in consultation with the exhibitor. Date of registration determines priority for choice of site.

Extra costs
  • electricity connection (min. € 179, 1 x 16 A – 3520 W ; excl. VAT)
• third party risks of exhibitor (€ 28)
• all risks insurance (€ 50) according to the value of goods.
   The exhibitor must submit a list of materials showing the value of the goods.

Module stand erection
In addition to the surface area, you rent a stand built thanks to Artexis services.
  • € 96/m², excl. 21% VAT (invoiced by REVA)
• € 70/m² extra for the module erection, excl. 21%VAT (invoiced by Artexis),
   supplementary to the ground surface price
• admin costs € 170 excl. 21% VAT (invoiced by REVA)

Stand description
  • walls with aluminium frame,
• carpet over total area
• name board
• daily cleaning
• 1 spot per 4m²
• 1 power point for stands from 12 to 20 m²
• 2 power points for stands of 24 m² or more,
• electric connection 1 x 16 A – 3520 W
• civil liability insurance exhibitor (€ 28)
• obligatory third party insurance and all risk insurance for maximum € 10.000.
  This includes the insurance of the stand itself (€ 1,980 for a 12 m² stand).
  The exhibitor must provide a list giving the value of his goods.
  Everything valued above € 10.000 must be additionally insured.