How to choose a stand?

Many sizes and combinations are available.
You can indicate your preference when you register online. The floor plan is updated on a weekly basis so that you can see which stands are still available.

The organising committee will take your wishes into account as far as possible, but inevitably we may need to shift things around here and there to ensure that the fair is presented as attractively as possible.

After registering you will receive a provisional allocation and when all registrations have been received a final stand location will be assigned. Obviously, we will consult you in the event of any changes.

Some areas have already been taken. Stands V.08 to V.24 have been reserved for associations and non-profit organisations that do not engage in any commercial activities and are renting 'all-in mini stands'.

If you want a stand that is different from what is provided on the floor plan, please contact the office as soon as possible.

On the plan you will see two connected squares at regular distances. These are power supply points for your convenience. Exhibitors with a stand in the mid-section and those with a bigger stand should bear this in mind when they are constructing their stand.

The file costs include the subscription, administration and promotion costs.