Since 1988, Anatomic SITTin Sweden has been developing innovative aids and providing solutions for everyone who needs them and relies on our specialist knowledge.

At Anatomic SITT, we employ passionate people who always want to find solutions for people with disabilities. There are many people who have helped us develop our products over many years and we are therefore very proud that together we have been able to increase the quality of life for many people. To achieve this, it is essential to employ well-trained staff with specialist knowledge.

To provide a good solution for our clients without compromise, good knowledge of the target group and the products is indispensable.

We therefore do our utmost to meet the client's needs to the best of our ability.

Our success in the Netherlands is based on trust in the people of Anatomic SITT and its products.

We will always continue to look for new and innovative solutions.

If we have not yet worked with you, I hope to meet you in the future. After all, together we achieve more!

Team Anatomic SITT