Life is like cycling, to stay balanced, you have to keep moving.
That has been the motto of Wieleke for 30 years, henceforth Bike Republic Diest, a bike shop in Laakdal and Diest, specialising in bicycles for people with limited mobility. We like to move and cycle, not only because it is relaxing, it is also healthy and sustainable. Our passion grew into a true life's work where we strive to get everyone moving on the appropriate bike that meets everyone's needs. Whether it's duo bikes, tandems, sitting bikes, tricycles and even a quadricycle with a roof to transport 2 people for young and older people (with more limited mobility or reduced vision). We are constantly looking for the right solution for every cyclist even if this means making mechanical adjustments to a bicycle.
Our mission is to let as many people as possible enjoy cycling and to search until someone has found the right bike, the bike that someone feels good on.