A few practical and technical arrangements

Below you will find a selection from the participation regulations. For the complete overview of agreements, please refer to the exhibition regulations on the website. This overview in no way replaces the exhibition regulations.

Lijntekening Lijntekening
  • Registration on the website is considered a binding contract.
  • Permission to set up the stand and effectively participate in the exhibition can only be granted following full payment of the invoice.
  • Before 24 nobember 2024, stand location options remain valid for 1 month. From 25 november to 24 maart 2025, options remain valid for 1 week. No further options can be taken after 25 maart.
  • Information on cancellation costs can be found in Chapter 5 of the exhibition regulations on the website.
  • Exhibitors wishing to share a stand must notify the secretary. They must register as separate exhibitors and are to be invoiced separately. In all other cases, you can only be listed as a separate exhibitor on the website and receive promotional material if the additional exhibitor pays the handling fee.
  • It is forbidden to hand out samples or printed materials anywhere except on the stand. It is also forbidden in other public areas such as terraces, the entrance hall, corridors, toilets, car parks, etc.
  • For safety reasons, a speed limit of 5 km/h applies to all vehicles (bicycles, wheelchairs, scooters, etc.) in the corridors of the exhibition.
  • Exhibitors wishing to organise an attraction at their stand for an audience to watch must first ask permission from REVA, due to the possibility of disruption for other exhibitors. Be sure to also consider any possible costs charged by SABAM.
  • It is forbidden to place objects outside the perimeter of your hired space.
  • To a limited extent, exhibitors are permitted to sell products directly to visitors at their stands. Where applicable, there is a maximum unit price of €120, including VAT, and this price must be clearly visible.