Technical information for stand construction

(cf. Rules of Procedure)

  • Please note the location of nearby power sockets.
  • The walls adjacent to the corridors must be clear and accessible to the public.
  • All walls adjacent to a neighbour must reach a height of 2.5 metres. These walls cannot be any higher or lower. You can only build higher if separated from your neighbour’s wall by one metre, and only if the structure or advertisement is in no way obstructive to them. Transparent construction profiles on corners are an exception to this, but between the profiles, the walls should be no higher than 2.5 metres. Anyone wishing to build higher than 2.5 metres must apply to REVA and obtain approval from their immediate neighbours.
  • Every stand must be illuminated.
  • It is recommended that you email a rough blueprint for your stand to
  • Flanders Expo/Easyfairs will make an online order form available where each exhibitor can order additional equipment and services (furniture, electricity, etc.). Flanders Expo/Easyfairs will provide the necessary information on how to access this form.


‘Flanders Expo’ is the name of the exhibition complex as a whole.

‘Easyfairs’ is the name of the company that manages the complex.

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