How to choose a stand

You can choose between several different sizes of stand. You are obviously welcome to combine a variety of different stands. Please indicate your preferred location and the desired size using the form on the website.

The plan is updated weekly on the website, allowing you to see which spots are still available.

The Organising Committee will take your preferences into account wherever possible.

You will receive a provisional stand confirmation after you register. Sometimes, changes are unavoidable for organisational reasons. It goes without saying that we will contact you in the event of any such changes.

Some spots are reserved. Do you want to register an association with no commercial activity? If so, you may also qualify for an all-in 6m2 stand at the front of the exhibition hall. Naturally, you can also opt for a larger stand at the Flanders Expo Hall 1.

Do you offer resources for the blind and visually impaired, or are you active in the tourism industry? In that case, you are free choose a stand location within the corresponding area reserved for such exhibitors on the exhibition plan.

Do you want a stand that deviates from the plan’s basic layout? Please contact the exhibition secretary.

The plan shows two small, interconnected squares at regular intervals. These are the places where water and power connections are possible. Please take this into account when choosing your spot and setting up your stand, especially if you are combining multiple stands.Visitors at REVA.