Participation regulations for exhibitions organised by REVA vzw

Those who register for our information fair agree to the participation rules.

Lijntekening Lijntekening

This English translation of the participation regulations is provided for information purposes. Only the original Dutch version is binding.


Participation in the exhibition is only possible using the registration form on the website

The submission of the registration form will be regarded as irrevocable acceptance of the participation regulations for exhibitions organised by REVA vzw and the exhibitor guidelines issued by REVA vzw. These regulations and guidelines form an integral part of the present participation regulations. After registration, you will be assigned a provisional stand.

Payment of the invoice constitutes irrevocable acceptance as an order of what has been invoiced and of all related charges that can reasonably be expected to form part of the same, and acceptance of the exhibition rules as sent with the invoice.

REVA vzw reserves the right to refuse registrations, participants, products or services or to remove them from a stand without stating its reasons for doing so, but in any case if they fail to meet the conditions for participation or if the services or exhibited goods are not in accordance with the spirit, image and status of the exhibition or do not fall under the denominator of informative and supporting activities in the interest of people with a disability. This will be done without the possibility of any form of compensation being incurred.

Participation in the exhibition is personal and ineligible for transfer or subletting.

The registration period expires one month before the opening of the exhibition. Those who register later can still participate if there is room but will receive an invoice with a 15% supplement on top of the normal registration fee, for organisational reasons and to cover the alteration costs.

Registration will only be final after written confirmation from REVA vzw that serves as proof of the agreement.

If, no later than the afternoon before the opening of the exhibition, the assigned stand has not actually been occupied by the exhibitor with the products for which admission was requested, or the invoice has not been paid in full, REVA vzw may definitively assign this stand to another exhibitor, without the participant concerned being able to assert any right to compensation or withdraw from his or her payment obligations. If no other exhibitor is available, REVA vzw may have the stand closed down and/or set up the empty space at the negligent exhibitor’s expense.


The prices of the various stands for exhibitors (rental price, stand construction fee, administration fee, etc.) are published on the website

The stated rental prices may be increased in the event that a price increase becomes necessary, arising from price changes that are themselves the result of altered exchange rates and/or transport costs and/or utility or fuel costs and/or changed levies and taxes and/or additional regulations that have been imposed, including health or safety regulations in the event of epidemics, pandemics, attacks, increased security alerts, etc.

However, if this modification involves a price increase of more than 15%, participants may cancel their participation by registered letter within 14 days of having been notified of the modified prices.


Any exhibitor who subscribes for the first time will immediately receive an advance invoice for 50% of the price. Those who subscribe less than 5 months before the first exhibition day will immediately receive the total invoice.

The invoices are payable by bank transfer and without discount within 30 calendar days of the invoice date and in any case at least one week before the first construction day of the exhibition. Non-timely payment of the invoice will automatically give rise to interest calculated on a daily basis in accordance with the applicable late payment legislation plus a penalty of 10%, with a minimum of €100.

From the first construction day of the exhibition, REVA vzw shall be entitled to make use of all stands for which full payment (all services included) has not been made. The full invoice amount will nevertheless remain due and all costs for rearranging the fair plan in the way REVA vzw deems most expedient and for filling in the empty space caused by the loss of the stand are entirely at the expense of the exhibitor who did not pay all his invoices in time and in full.

Any objections to an invoice must be made in writing and sent by registered mail to REVA vzw, Beselarestraat 44, B-8890 Dadizele within 8 calendar days of the invoice date. No objections will be accepted after this period.

REVA vzw shall have a right of retention to the exhibited goods and equipment used until the amounts still owed to REVA vzw are paid in full. The cost of the retention of goods shall always be at the participant’s expense. The goods will only be released after the full payment of all invoices and costs.


Up to five months prior to the exhibition, an option on a stand location remains valid for a maximum of one month. From five months to one month prior to the exhibition, an option on a stand location remains valid for a maximum of one week. No more options can be given in the last month before the exhibition.


If the event that a participation is cancelled in full, the administration fee will always be charged. Partial cancellation (smaller booth size) will be subject to an additional 50% administration fee. In the event of a complete or partial cancellation, the following costs will also be charged:

  • Cancellation 8 months or more prior to the first construction day: 15% of the price of the cancelled surface;
  • Cancellation between 8 and 5 months prior to the first construction day: 30% of the price of the cancelled surface;
  • Cancellation 5 months or less prior to the first construction day: 100% of the price of the cancelled surface;
  • If the cancellation is less than 1 month prior to the first construction day and the cancelled surface can not be rented any more the costs for closing down the stand will also be charged;
  • If the cancellation is less than 1 week prior to the first construction day, all costs for rearranging the fair plan in the way REVA vzw deems most expedient and for filling in the empty spaces caused by the loss of the stand will also be charged.
  • All ordered services and publicity (e.g. in REVAzine, …) will always be charged in full.
  • Any early booking discount received will always be charged.

REVA vzw reserves the right to change the stand or the stand plan. Each participant will be assigned a stand upon registration. However, REVA vzw reserves the right to make changes for organisational or other reasons. The assigned stand can therefore never be claimed as definitive. A different stand will be assigned if necessary, as far as possible in consultation with the exhibitor(s) concerned.


Exhibitors can have their stand constructed by Flanders Expo/Easyfairs for a fee, use a stand builder of their own choosing or set up their own stand. The following hours must be taken into account:

  • First construction day (Tuesday before the exhibition): for all exhibitors renting naked floor space (not for module stands). Trucks are permitted from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm.
  • Second construction day (Wednesday before the exhibition): for all exhibitors. Trucks are permitted from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm, cars and small vans are permitted to 8.00 pm. All stands must be set up by 8 pm.
  • Early construction will only be possible if Flanders Expo/Easyfairs gives permission and the costs charged by Flanders Expo/Easyfairs are paid.

Construction of the stand and participation in the fair is only possible after full payment of all invoices. All exhibitors must comply with the applicable rules and regulations. The rented area must be fully occupied.

Walls giving onto corridors should be open and accessible to the public. Walls giving onto open spaces such as a terrace are assimilated to corridors. Exceptions to this can be requested from REVA vzw. In any case, the back of the wall must be finished (level panels, no cables visible…).

The walls of the stand must be 2.5 m high, not higher or lower. Transparent structural profiles at the corners of the stand form an exception to this rule, but between the profiles the walls themselves must not exceed 2.5 metres in height. You can build higher from a distance of 1 metre away from the wall with your neighbour, provided that the construction or advertising does not bother or inconvenience your neighbour. If you wish to build higher, a request must first be submitted to REVA vzw ( and you must have the approval of your immediate neighbours.

If you build higher than 2.5m and have the permission of the neighbouring exhibitor(s), make sure that the part of the back of the wall that is higher than 2.5m is finished (level panels, no cables visible…).

From 1 metre away from the wall with your neighbour, you can build higher, provided the construction or advertising does not interfere with the neighbouring exhibitor(s).

The walls must cover the entire area shared with the neighbouring stand(s) and the walls of the hall.

At least 1 month before the start of the trade show, you send REVA vzw and Easyfairs the design of your stand. If you register less than 1 month before the start of the trade fair, you send the design of your stand to REVA vzw at the latest 3 working days after registration.

If the stand construction does not comply with the specified conditions, REVA vzw reserves the right to have a standard module constructed at the participant’s expense.

The participants are requested to check the correctness of the stand’s measurements before starting their construction. REVA vzw cannot be held responsible in any way for minor differences arising between the indicated measurements and the actual measurements of the stands.

Heavy vehicles with a weight exceeding 3,500 kg/m2 are not permitted in the exhibition halls. If you have any specific questions about this, contact Flanders Expo/Easyfairs. No entrance control is provided during the construction period. Flanders Expo/Easyfairs will ensure permanent surveillance, both day and night. During construction and breakdown, the exhibitor will be personally responsible for their own materials and equipment.

During construction and breakdown you are not permitted to leave materials in the corridors, in order to ensure free passage.

All stands must be illuminated. If this is not the case, REVA vzw will be entitled to make the necessary changes at the negligent exhibitor’s expense.

Publicity signs must be positioned in such a way that they do not protrude above the wall. Higher publicity signs can be placed from 1 metre away from the wall with neighbouring exhibitors, however, as long as they do not bother or inconvenience the other exhibitors. If the exhibitor wishes to deviate from this rule (e.g. for suspended publicity), a written permit must be received in advance from REVA vzw ( All relevant details must be submitted along with the request: measurements, appearance, fixing location etc.

Under no circumstances may empty packaging be stored on the stand during the exhibition. It is obligatory for the exhibitor to remove it. Participants are absolutely forbidden to damage floors, walls, carpets and stands by using nails, pins, staples, stickers, adhesive tapes, painting, felt-tip pens, etc. If damage is found, it will be charged to the exhibitors concerned.

Flanders Expo/Easyfairs will provide an online order form from which each exhibitor can order additional material and services (furniture, lighting, electricity, etc). Flanders Expo/Easyfairs will provide you with the information you need to access the toolbox. The furnishings and connection of the lighting fixtures rented from Flanders Expo/Easyfairs will be delivered to/implemented on the stand by no later than 02.00 pm on the last construction day of the exhibition. If this is not done correctly, REVA vzw cannot be held liable.

Connections to utilities can only be made by Flanders Expo/Easyfairs.

Water supply and drainage cannot be provided on all stands.

Exhibitors are obliged to have the electrical supply to their stand connected by Flanders Expo/Easyfairs, according to the conditions imposed by Flanders Expo/Easyfairs  on the exhibitor.

Any electrical installations that do not comply with the ‘General Regulations for Electrical Installations’ will be disconnected. All installations will be subjected to an inspection. A charge will be made for any repairs to rented electrical installations.

Exhibitors must request the appropriate level of electrical power, also taking into account appliances that are not immediately visible (e.g. refrigerator, coffee machine, etc.).

The plan shows the connection points for electricity and water, designated by two linked squares.

REVA vzw shall not intervene in any capacity in the relationship between the exhibitor and Flanders Expo/Easyfairs with regard to utilities, water, gas, electricity facilities or any other service.

The final cleaning of the hall and corridors before the opening of the exhibition will be carried out by Flanders Expo/Easyfairs. For this purpose, the corridors must be completely evacuated by the exhibitors by 8.00 pm on the last construction day.


Appliances, tools and electrical or gas pipes must be installed in accordance with the usual statutory regulations, the guidelines of Flanders Expo/Easyfairs, the fire safety regulations and with due care and diligence. Gas is only allowed after prior approval by Easyfairs.

If inflammable materials are used, the participant must take out special insurance for this purpose. All decoration materials should be fireproof or fire-retardant treated. Explosives are not permitted under any circumstances.

Roof coverings made of flammable materials or PVC are prohibited in the stand constructions. If roof coverings are used, the fire-resistance certificate must be made available to Flanders Expo/Easyfairs.

In addition, exhibitors must always behave in accordance with the usual statutory regulations, the guidelines of Flanders Expo/Easyfairs and the rules of due diligence with regard to the applicable health and safety regulations. Since additional measures may be taken at local or organisational level, depending on the local alarm level, each exhibitor must consult the website of the city, municipality, Flanders Expo/Easyfairs or REVA vzw in advance.


Exhibitors are obliged to a permanent staff presence on their stand during the opening hours of the exhibition. The stand may only be manned by the exhibitor’s own staff or agents, members or volunteers of the association or services. Their field of action is limited to the rented stand area, not the corridors, and they shall demonstrate respect for fellow exhibitors.

During the opening hours of the exhibition, the construction and breakdown hours and at night, permanent camera surveillance will be provided in the hall under the responsibility of Flanders Expo/Easyfairs. The exhibitor may not engage a different security firm on the exhibition floor to monitor their materials/products. Security guards will be present in the exhibition hall during the opening hours of the exhibition. The security guards will ensure that no materials and/or exhibited products are removed from the exhibition floor during the days of the exhibition and during the construction and breakdown of the exhibition. An exhibitor who feels disadvantaged by other exhibitors or by third parties can only appeal to the security guards in this regard and cannot hold REVA vzw liable for this in any way.


Each exhibitor must vacate the stand completely by 6.00 pm on the first day following the end of the exhibition. The following hours must be taken into account:

  • Breakdown at the last day of the exhibition (Saturday): 5.00 pm – midnight: the gates will not open until all the visitors have left the hall.
  • Breakdown day (Sunday): 8.00 am – 6.00 pm.

Exceptions must be discussed with Flanders Expo/Easyfairs in advance and in writing and will be subject to additional surveillance and storage costs.

Participants are not permitted to remove exhibited products before the end date or closing time of the exhibition.

Likewise during the breakdown period, REVA vzw cannot be held responsible for any damage to or disappearance of decoration materials or products.

All packaging material and other waste should be removed from the stand. If exhibitors are found to have left goods belonging to them in the halls after the end of the breakdown period, these goods will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense and risk.

The stored products and materials can only be recovered after the reimbursement of the expenses incurred.

All materials which have not been claimed within 65 days after the closing of the exhibition will become the property of REVA vzw.


Exhibitors who wish to rent a stand together must notify REVA vzw of this fact. They must register separately as exhibitors and will also be invoiced separately, in accordance with the surface area and each with their own administration fee.

The subletting or relinquishing of a stand, in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever – even free of charge – is expressly forbidden.


The exhibitor shall be liable for any damage caused by errors on his or her part during movements in the corridors of the exhibition. The general rules of the Road Traffic Act apply here.

For safety reasons, a speed limit of 5 km/h applies to all vehicles (bicycles, wheelchairs, scooters, etc.) in the hallways of the exhibition in order to avoid accidents and the possibility of startling deaf, hearing impaired, blind or visually impaired people. Speed offences will lead to a penalty of €100 being charged for each violation.


Each exhibitor shall be responsible for their own stand and exhibits and for any damage caused to the buildings or equipment and materials of Flanders Expo/Easyfairs and to other exhibitors, visitors or third parties. Under no circumstances whatsoever can REVA vzw be held liable for violations of applicable laws or regulations by exhibitors, third parties or visitors.

Exhibitors are obliged to join the ‘nail to nail’ insurance policy signed by Flanders Expo/Easyfairs. Neither Easyfairs nor REVA vzw shall act as co-insurers.

Exhibitors are also obliged to join the civil liability insurance policy for exhibitors signed by Flanders Expo/Easyfairs. Neither Flanders Expo/Easyfairs nor REVA vzw shall act as co-insurers.

Exhibitors are obliged to take out occupational accident insurance for their own personnel, volunteers, agents or subcontractors.

REVA vzw shall be relieved of all responsibility, in particular that referred to in Article 1382 et seq. of the Belgian Civil Code. The exhibitors shall relinquish any claims against Flanders Expo/Easyfairs, REVA vzw and other participants or visitors to the building for damage of any nature whatsoever, including that caused by fire, misappropriation, partial or total power failures, interruptions of the central heating or any loss and/or reduction in the value of their property or the property of third parties, to products or exhibition materials that are in the building.


The following are prohibited without the prior written permission of REVA vzw:

  • The distribution of samples or printed matter outside the stand or in shared locations such as terraces, entrance areas, corridors, sanitary facilities, car parks, etc.;
  • Holding noisy or other demonstrations in order to lure customers, in any manner whatsoever, or to carry out any publicity-related activities that may disturb participants on neighbouring stands. Exhibitors who wish to organise a public attraction on their stand must first obtain authorisation from REVA vzw. Any associated additional fees or costs (e.g. SABAM, etc.) shall be entirely at the exhibitor’s expense;
  • Painting or applying advertising slogans, projections, posters or other publicity on the interior or exterior walls and floors of the building;
  • Placing objects beyond the perimeter of the rented stand space;
  • Placing publicity in the car park.

Any infringements will lead to a penalty of €100 being charged for each violation. The costs associated with the removal and/or repair of any damage will also be charged.


To a limited extent, exhibitors are permitted to sell products to visitors directly from their stand. If this occurs, a maximum unit price of €120 including VAT applies and this price must be clearly visible.

All prices are indicated and paid in Euros and include all taxes and charges.

However, the sale of food and beverages is always prohibited.


The exhibitor guarantees to REVA vzw that they have the necessary permits, permissions and intellectual property or usage rights for each product or service that they are offering at the exhibition and where necessary they grant to REVA vzw all permissions and rights required to publicise the exhibitor’s goods and services.

If a violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties should become apparent, the exhibitor shall do the following (inter alia) at their own expense, in consultation with REVA vzw and at REVA vzw’s discretion:

  • Replace the goods with equivalent goods with the same possibilities for use; or
  • Acquire the intellectual property rights required for the proper usage of the goods; or
  • Modify the goods in such a way, while retaining the agreed usage possibilities, that the violation is remedied.

In the event of an urgent situation, REVA vzw shall be entitled to acquire equivalent goods with the same possibilities for use from third parties at the exhibitor’s expense.


The exhibitor shall undertake to indemnify REVA vzw in full and on the first request against any liability, loss, damage and costs incurred by REVA vzw as a result of claims brought by third parties in relation to an agreement negotiated, concluded or executed by the exhibitor with REVA vzw and as a result of any infringement of the intellectual property rights or copyrights of third parties.

In any event, the exhibitor shall be obliged to pay REVA vzw all damages incurred by REVA vzw as a result of the agreement negotiated or concluded with REVA vzw.


If the exhibition cannot be held due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, the exhibitors will not be entitled to reimbursement or compensation at the expense of REVA vzw. However, after the payment of all expenses and operating costs incurred, the registration fees paid will be distributed among the exhibitors in proportion to the amounts paid by each. If the start or end date of the exhibition changes due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, or even if the number of exhibition days changes, the exhibitors cannot claim reimbursement or compensation at the expense of REVA vzw.

Force majeure shall be deemed to mean unforeseen circumstances which are of such a nature that the execution of the agreement becomes impossible or so burdened and/or disproportionately expensive that prompt compliance with the agreement cannot reasonably be demanded of REVA vzw. Force majeure shall therefore be taken to include but is not limited to the following: written prohibition or advice by a legitimate government, strikes, company blockades, epidemics, bad weather conditions and natural disasters, fire, terrorist or other attack or threat of attack, bomb threat, etc.

An exhibitor may never invoke force majeure as a result of stock shortages (for any reason), as a result of a breach of contract by one of the exhibitor’s suppliers or as a result of legal or administrative restrictions that have been imposed on the said exhibitor. For all other cases, the Board of Directors of REVA vzw shall assess whether and to what extent a substantiated application for force majeure is permitted. This decision shall be binding.


The provisions stated in all current and applicable regulations of Flanders Expo/Easyfairs shall apply in full to the exhibitors. Each exhibitor shall undertake to make inquiries directly to Flanders Expo/Easyfairs regarding the specified conditions, regulations, connections, affiliations, insurance, information, etc., which originate from these provisions and to comply with them.

In matters not provided for by the present regulations, REVA vzw reserves the right to make a decision against which no appeal shall be possible.

The possible invalidity of one or more of the provisions, or part of a provision, in these regulations shall not affect the applicability of the other provisions and/or the rest of the provision. Where applicable, REVA vzw reserves the right to replace the invalid provision(s) with another (other) legally valid provision(s) in the spirit of the original provision(s).


These regulations, as well as all documents of REVA vzw, shall be governed exclusively by Belgian law. All disputes between the parties shall be submitted exclusively to the competent courts and tribunals of the Ghent district.