Comfortlift Orona specialises in stair lifts, lifting platforms and home lifts. You can come to us for any mobility need. We aim to provide a tailor-made solution for people with limited mobility, whether due to disability or old age, and help them stay as mobile as possible in their home environment.

For every customer, private or business, we offer tailor-made advice, taking into account your wishes and needs. Thus, we always look for the best solution for your personal situation. Even after the installation of your lift, we are happy to stay with you. Maintenance checks and any repairs are carried out quickly and professionally by our own maintenance team throughout Belgium, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Voor iedere klant, particulier of bedrijf, bieden we advies op maat, rekening houdend met uw wensen en behoeften. Zo zoeken we steeds naar de beste oplossing voor uw persoonlijke situatie. Ook na de installatie van uw lift blijven we graag bij u. Onderhoudsbeurten en eventuele reparaties worden door een eigen onderhoudsteam snel en vakkundig uitgevoerd in heel België, dit 7 dagen op 7, 24 uur op 24.