'Deaf Flanders unites and empowers all deaf and hard-of-hearing people with respect for their diversity.
We defend and promote Flemish Sign Language and deaf culture as an enrichment for society.
And we stand up for equal rights for deaf and hard-of-hearing people in society.
In concrete terms, this means that Deaf Flanders strives for:
- Full "citizenship" with equal rights and opportunities for every deaf and hard-of-hearing person, taking into account the great diversity within the broad deaf community
- Protecting, preserving and strengthening the linguistic and cultural identity of deaf and hard-of-hearing persons
- Preserving and strengthening community building, social involvement and solidarity within the broad deaf community
- Full self-determination of deaf and hard-of-hearing people as citizens within society
- Being the centre of knowledge and expertise as the point of contact for everyone who is themselves deaf or hard of hearing and/or has an interest in deafness/deafness and related topics