When wheelchair users have to sit for long periods, there is an increased risk of seating problems. Not only do these sitting problems have a major impact on daily life, the demand for care is also considerably higher. At Lewis Ortho, we specialise in solving these sitting problems. After years of fundamental research into the origin of sitting problems, we have developed a new view on sitting. Using this knowledge, the revolutionary Lewis seating orthoses were developed. By applying our knowledge on sitting and deploying the Lewis seating orthoses, we try to increase the quality of life of our end users and reduce healthcare costs.

A Lewis sitting orthosis ensures an anatomically sound and stable posture. The separate back and seat orthoses are individually custom-made. This results in a good embrace and support of the body. In addition, the seat orthosis can be expanded with Lewis accessories. Accessories such as headrests and armrests have an important added value in achieving high sitting quality. Lewis Ortho's accessories are tailor-made to suit both the client's and the Lewis sitting orthosis. A Lewis seating orthosis is suitable for young and old, big and small.

We offer a solution for everyone who sits in a wheelchair and experiences seating-related problems. In short: "When a standard seating facility no longer works, Lewis offers a tailor-made solution!".