Trapmann auto modifications. Regain your mobility.

Trapmann has specialized in converting vehicles for people with mobile disabilities since 1960. Driving yourself by means of gas and brake on the steering wheel, pedal adjustments or driving assistance systems? Or rather be transported thanks to a floor lowering or wheelchair platform elevator? We help you regain your mobile freedom!

  • DRIVING SELF: Trapmann uses its extensive expertise to suggest the right adaptation: gas & brake on the steering wheel, control of driving functions on the steering wheel, pedal adjustments and complete wheelchair conversion solutions.
  • RIDE WITH ME: Trapmann customizes the vehicle according to the customer's needs and wishes with a wheelchair loading system, swivel seats and/or a floor lowering with rear ramp.
  • DRIVING IN GROUP: Trapmann has all possible technology and materials in-house to provide customization according to needs and available budget: floors with integrated aviation rails, removable seats, ramps and platform elevators.