VERMEIREN ... A Belgian global player that provides
manual and electronic wheelchairs and home care products
for people with reduced mobility to enhance their social life
and independence.

Our products
Since its birth in 1957, the basic principle has remained the same: wheelchairs should be adapted to the user and not the other way around.
The so-called "modular system" we use allows quick and easy assembly of the wheelchair to meet the wheelchair user's personal needs and comfort.
The materials used for our production include steel and aluminium.

Our products are extensively tested at recognised test institutes in Germany, the Netherlands and France (TÜV, T.N.O. and C.E.R.A.H.).
Besides manufacturing manual and electronic wheelchairs, Vermeiren also provides home care products such as beds, night chairs, rollators, scooters, patient lifts, etc...
All our products bear the CE label.

In Belgium, Vermeiren is the market leader in manual, scooters and home care products.
This provides a strong base for developing a global network.
Our priority is to deliver quality products combined with good after-sales service. Vermeiren's corporate culture is based on these four pillars:
1. Customer-oriented
2. Quality-oriented
3. Attention to employees
4. Use of new technologies