VIGO plays an important role in the field of technical orthopaedics.

Thanks to our many years of expertise and attention to innovation and renewal, we offer everyone, with or without physical limitations, regardless of situation or age, a tailor-made solution.

We make custom-made orthoses, prostheses and orthopaedic shoes, but of course you can also come to us for wheelchairs and walkers, bicycles or handbikes, gait analyses and orthotics, ... A very dynamic group of care providers, with paramedical backgrounds, is ready every day to offer everyone a solution, specifically tailored to the patient's need(s), regardless of age.

Our care providers cooperate with various MFCs, hospitals, patient centres, residential care centres and other care institutions. At our own sites in Wetteren and Heverlee, we also have an extensive showroom where patients can visit, with or without their therapist, by appointmentOn every VIGO campus, you will find an 'After Sales Service' and a 'Technical Service'.

VIGO has branches all over Belgium. So there is always someone nearby who can assist you very quickly.

You will find more information about VIGO and all our expertises on the website: