'Vlaamse Vereniging Autisme (VVA) brings people with autism, their parents, family and social network together.
VVA wants to motivate and activate our society so that people with autism and their environment can be themselves, starting from their qualities and taking into account their specific needs.
Our ideal is a society that is open to all facets of autism and where diversity is experienced as an added value.

The association - with its many experienced volunteers - is the driving force behind numerous initiatives, such as and tries to realise its mission through:

- Allied working

With our ally work, we want to support the building of local, natural networks and facilitate the restoration of the social fabric around people with autism and their environment. We do this through several initiatives: Autism Telephone (078 152 252), Autism Info House, Contact Alliance, drop-in sessions, regional activities (regional, thematic, networking, etc.), training, spreading stories via our website and magazine, etc.

Raising awareness

By raising awareness, we try to inform everyone (government, professionals, society, network of those personally involved and people with autism) so that people with autism and those around them can count on greater understanding. Contacts with friends and family on the one hand and understanding and appreciation of one's own person on the other - in addition to appropriate support from one's own network and professionals - are necessary for a quality life.