Making a difference without discrimination is .be !

Improving the lives of millions of citizens and shaping tomorrow's society is what thousands of federal government employees do every day.

If you choose us, then you choose an employer who values your knowledge and skills and gives you the opportunity to develop yourself day by day. We are convinced of your talent and make every effort to offer a place where you can easily balance your professional ambitions with your private life.

A job where you are in control is working for .be.

Work on yourself
While putting yourself at the service of others, with us you get the chance to grow on a personal level and work on your development on an ongoing basis.
You can choose from a wide variety of training courses to make sure you get the most out of yourself. Moreover, with the government, you can develop a career in all directions: explore new horizons, take on interesting challenges and become proficient in the areas that interest you most.

Find the perfect balance
We live in an age where we are all constantly trying to keep several balls in the air. Fortunately, those working in the government can count on a lot of flexibility. This makes it easier to cope with those daily worries.
As an employer, the federal government sees to it that your work meets your needs and brings out the best in you. Our modern personnel policy naturally includes teleworking: you only need a good Internet connection to be able to work (partly) from home.

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